This is a simple guarantee. No client shall have to pay for any service with which they are not 100% satisfied. This is a corner stone of our business and we have had this guarantee since we started. It is our goal to have only happy clients.

    In order to receive this guarantee, our clients need to do the following:

  • Be "Fixed Rate" client enrolled in our Maintenance Program.
  • Run only our "Recommended or Fully Supported Software".
  • Keep our current "Minimum Hardware Requirements".
  • Keep their account current.

This guarantee only covers our services and does not cover hardware that may be purchased through Dan Knox Consulting.

Quality Services with a 100% Guarantee!

Our 100% Guarantee is something we take very seriously. If you have a problem with our service we will make it right.

What to ask before Hiring Consultants?

As layoffs and hiring freezes continue, companies are increasingly turning to IT contractors to get the job done. Here's a list of questions from IT consulting company The Allegiance Group that companies should ask potential IT contractors to make sure they're getting the best fit for a give job.

  • What's the staffing company's retention record?
    Can it provide consultants who will stay on the job until the completion of the project? Do they have consultants retention or loyalty programs in place?
  • How Long will it take the company to supply the right consultants?
    Most companies work under deadlines, and delays in staffing can be disastrous.
  • How does the company very consultants' technical skills?
    Do they have a skills assessment process?
  • What support does the staffing company provide once the consultants is on the job?
    Does the company help introduce the consultants to the workplace and conduct follow-up site visits?
  • Do they have available backup teams for technical support?
    If consultants are faced with new and complex technical challenges while on-the-job, they should be able to call on others for immediate assistance.
  • Can the company supply client references?
    Has the company conducted a customer satisfaction survey to determine the areas that require improvement?

Networking Solutions

We provide network design, implementation, administration and support for both Wide Area Networks (WAN) and Local Area Networks (LAN) using Microsoft Server 2016, Office 365, Windows 10, and some Linux Servers and Workstations.

Keeping a network up and running is our number one priority. When we manage a network we like to control everything: the software, the hardware, the bandwidth provider, even the cabling! We try to insulate our clients from things that we know will cause problems. We are very big on testing new products and keeping all software up to date with upgrades and service packs.

We spend considerable effort beta testing new products and when they are released we are for the most part prepared for our clients to take advantage of these new and better products. We don't wait on others to test, we give our clients the benefits of the new products when they are available.

Reliable Automated Off Site Backups & Recovery

We have recently lowered our prices!

One of our most popular services provides our clients with reliable automated off site backups via an internet connection.  You may select to keep between 1 and 3 copies of all data files on our servers.  We are usually able to restore files 24 hours a day usually within a few minutes of your request.

We configure this service to use your existing bandwidth during the evening hours when most clients have a low demand for bandwidth usage.  The system is completely automated and no user input is required once the system is setup and configured.

The backup procedure includes keeping your data on secure Windows servers using the MS Cloud services.  Optionally you may also have another copy of your data stored at our San Francisco office and/or another secure Windows server at an out of state location.

Please e-Mail us for more details or if you have questions on this service.

Co-location Service

Our co-location services are implemented using Microsoft Cloud services. Their services provide a unified solution to help protect data on-premises and in the cloud, a reliable offsite backup target, efficient incremental backups and highly secure encrypted data in transit and at rest.

eMail Hosting

We offer Mail Hosting using the newest Office 365 products from Microsoft. These provide our users with the most advanced email services, including web based access, full calendaring features, contacts lists, task lists and integration to voice mail and other telephony services.

e-Mail services are available from $5 a month.

Mail Filtering

All mail filtering is integrated into the Microsoft Office 365 product.


Our primary goal at Dan Knox Consulting is to provide our clients with the most reliable networks available. In order to do this we are constantly beta testing the latest products from Microsoft. Before a Microsoft product is released we have usually been using it for a number of months and have become very familiar with its features. When the product is actually released we are ready and usually install the upgraded product on our clients PC's on the product's release date. This enables our clients to quickly get the benefits and increased reliability of the new products.

Using these same skills we can help others roll out these improved products, using advanced automated features. For example if you have workstations that are currently running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 we can easily upgrade them to the much more reliable Windows 10 operating system. By leveraging our skills and experience companies with their own IT Departments can efficiently keep up to date with the latest MS products.

If you would like more information on our roll out solutions please e-mail us.


We offer training on all Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Access to help you get the most out of your word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation and electronic date book/email applications. Whether you are a pure beginner or an accomplished end-user, we can help you polish your skills to improve your efficiency and effectiveness.

Web Hosting

We offer Web Hosting using servers via our partnership at GoDaddy.

Web Hosting rates begin at $25 per month and no long term contract or commitment is required. Clients may cancel their service at any time and our this service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Web Design and e-Commerce Solutions

Using Microsoft web tools for custom coding, we can design public/private web information and e-Commerce sites just for you. Our solutions offer options to integrate their company information with SQL databases and high-end graphics to create a uniform overall look that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate.

We also create and support Wordpress sites.

If you would like more information on our web design and e-Commerce solutions or have access to sites we have developed please e-mail us.

Domain Name Service (DNS) Only

This is available for $5 a month.

Clients that use this service with us have DNS hosted using our partnership with GoDaddy.