Support for Windows XP has ended. We can help!

Microsoft has ended support for Windows XP and if you are using XP you need to upgrade.
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  • Microsoft continues to update Office 365 and presently has released Office 2016. To learn more, click on the Office 365 logo.
  • The current version of Windows is 10. To learn more about Windows click on the logo below.
  • Windows Defender provides real-time protection for your PC and guards against viruses, spyware and other malicious software.


We are a consulting firm that specializes in network design, administration and support of PC's and servers running Microsoft's Windows 10®,Windows 8®, Windows 7®, Windows Vista® and Windows Server 2016.  We provide training and support for most Microsoft products.  In addition to MS products we also install and support various flavors of Unix (including most versions of Linux); Apple operating systems; Intuit's QuickBooks; and AutoDesk's AutoCAD and Revit. 

Looking at Microsoft Office 365®, Microsoft Office 2016®, Windows 10®, and/or Windows Server 2016® ?   We use all of these productive and secure products in our office every day.  If you have an interest in these Microsoft products, we can help.  No need to think of yourself as a pioneer, we understand and use these ready for prime-time products everyday. 

We are a one-stop shop that can provide you with everything you need regarding IT service.  From keeping one computer up and running efficiently to designing and maintaining a large complex network, our team is ready.


Web Hosting
We offer Web Hosting on servers via our partnership with GoDaddy.

E-Mail Hosting
We offer eMail Hosting using the newest Office 365 and Cloud Collaboration products from Microsoft.

DNS Service Only
Clients that use this service with us have DNS hosted via our partnership with GoDaddy.


Co-Location Services
Place your server on our network and take advantage of the latest Microsoft Cloud services.

Automated Offsite Backups
Use our automated backup service to backup your data files via the internet to our secure servers.   We will configure this reliable service to work at night using your bandwidth (when you don't need it) to maintain three copies of your data at all times.


Software Roll Outs
By leveraging our skills and experience with our partner companies, we can efficiently keep your systems up to date with the latest software and service upgrades from Microsoft.

Web Design & e-Commerce
We design custom web and e-Commerce sites for our clients that integrate their web and intranet company information to create a uniform overall look.

We offer training on all Microsoft Office applications.